so i had a

sudden burst of inspiration. i just realized what wonderful friends i have, and i know its not a very good way of thanking them, but i figured, while i have the time and patience, i'd write a little something about my closest friends, old and new. its in no particular order, i promise :)

nicklaus baker stephens.
we knew each other for 2 months, you moved 800 miles away, and a few weeks later, i made one of the biggest mistakes i've ever made. i am SO glad you've decided to forgive me, and i'm glad i have your trust again. i love EVERYTHING about you! you make me laugh like no one else can. you're the one i come to when i'm having a bad day. i know you get sick of me sometimes, but hey -you're gonna be stuck with me for a VERY long time so get used to it! ;) you frustrate me beyond all reason sometimes, but i still love you. we've both made some major mistakes in our relationship, but despite everything, we're closer than ever. i love you to the moon and back! you're my best friend, my better half :)


taylor bremner.
oh dear. you and i have a... complicated relationship. you are the ONE person that knows every single thing about me. you and i have been through some incredibly hard times, but knowing that you're always going to be there for me makes me so happy. you have got to be the strongest person i know. remember that time when you saw my status on my facebook, saying i was crying, and that very second you called me? you'll never know how much that meant to me. you've survived some of the hardest things to ever happen to your body (i still can't believe stupid things like that always happen to you) and if you can survive stuff like that, you can get through ANYTHING. and i know i've told you a million times, but i'll always be here for you. love you taylor :)


darren rey faber.
i can honestly say i've never met a more complicated, indecisive person! we've been good friends since, what... freshman year? i've never cried so much over one person. i know we've drifted apart these last few years, because of our busy schedules and very different lives. but you will always hold a special place in my heart, and i think you know why. i wouldn't change a thing about you. liz is such a lucky girl to have you! you're going to do such amazing things with your life, i have no doubt about it. i hope we stay in contact in the future. how weird, you just barely texted me! :) but i'd be lying if i told you that you didn't have a part in making me who i am today and i can't thank you enough.


jeffrey todd johnson.
you are one of my oldest friends, and how funny that we've just recently become so close! we "dated" when i was in seventh grade, never said a WORD to each other, and now we talk every day! you make me giggle, especially with your overexcitement with certain events. and you know perfectly well what i'm talking about. you leave in a little over a month for your mission in brazil, and you are going to be a WONDERFUL missionary. oh. and you still owe me costa.


christopher justin dinehart.
i met you only two months ago, and i know you won't read this for a long time, if ever. but you are... ahh i just LOVE being around you! i feel so at home with you and your family! i'm still sorry i ratted you out during werewolf ;) the last night i saw you before you left, the second i got home i burst into tears. this two years is going to be so long, but i am SO proud of you for going on your mission! i know the people of quetzeltenango, guatemala will be so blessed by you and your service. you are an amazing person, and i can't wait to see you again! good luck elder dinehart!


benjamin a bright.
since you continue to insist that you only have a middle initial, i'll have to use it. but you are the funniest person. i can tell you everything! especially since you know my deepest darkest secret and you didn't even judge me. you hurt me, but i'm glad after all that, we can still be such good friends! i'm sorry i broke a MILLION pinky promises, but i haven't broken one lately! i can trust you with anything! thanks for always being there for me, and getting on my nerves almost 24/7! ;)

i'll add more people as i think of them :) as for now, i'm off to bed... long day :)



So you totally screwed me up with your change of url....thanks for the warning! :P

meg :)

haha sorry lee! i figured i could find a name that was a bit more clever. you like it? :)