Another year gone??

I honestly can't believe tomorrow is New Years Eve. Whaaattt? 2009 has definitely been a challenging year and I have high hopes that 2010 will be better. Big changes are in store for me and I couldn't be more excited. I've decided to do a review of 2009... haha here goes :)

In 2009 I...
rang in the new year with the best friends possible.
learned that people aren't always who you thought they were.
realized that in july of 2010 i will have been alive for 2 decades... I feel old.
found out what is really important.
learned that my mom will always be there for me no matter how bad i mess up.
found out that anxiety really really sucks.
went from blonde to brunette... SO not me ;) blonde here i come!
fell in love, fell out of love... and will always have a place for B.C. in my heart.
met someone new, made a new best friend, and it turned into something more...
moved to virginia, realized it wasn't the best idea, and moved back to happy valley. :)
made some of the biggest decisions of my life, and still have one big one to make.
said goodbye to some of the most amazing people i know for 2 years. can't wait for 2011.
learned i have to rely on my OWN faith, not the faith of others.

and most of all...
had some of the best times of my life. Thank you to everyone in my life, you've made it wonderful so far. :)
Here's to 2010, and the adventures it will bring :)



It's been a while since I have blogged, and I have to say, I have changed quite a bit. For those of you who don't know, I recently moved back from a brief stint in Harrisonburg, VA. I moved there to be with my dad but things didn't work out, and I decided the best thing was to come back.

As of right now, I am still discovering who I am, what I want to do. I always thought I knew what I would do with my life but the past 6 months have changed that. Hell, I'm only 19. I've got time to figure things out. I've had some experiences that have changed my view of not only of myself, but life. I am trying to find out for MYSELF what I believe in, what's real. Nothing in my life is constant but one thing - God. I have absolute faith that God IS there, He always will be. And that gives me hope that things will turn around, that soon I will be truly happy again. :)

I've made some mistakes simply because I feel I have to learn from my OWN mistakes, not those of others. I will not go into detail. All I can say is despite the hardships, I have tremendous hope for my future. I am lucky to have a mother who supports me in everything I do, who will always love me no matter how big the mistake. These past few months she has been my crutch. I love you, mommy :)

I definitely think I will start writing on here more. So until next time...