so this last week has been a very long and stressful one. there are quite a few miraculous things that have happened. on wednesday or thursday night i was up very late, when all of a sudden i got this awful feeling that something bad was going to happen. i was crying and hyperventilating for absolutely no reason. it was so bad i had to sleep in my mom's room. i still couldn't shake the feeling, and i was paranoid about my sister going to vegas with the marching band for fear that something would happen to her.

on saturday night, i went to a byu vs. utah hockey game with my friend doug (i'll tell the story of that later). afterwards we went and played at wasatch elementary, when i got a missed call and a text from my mom telling me to call her right away. it was then i realized maybe this is why i had that bad feeling - my grandma (who lives with us) had passed out and my mom found her laying face down on her floor.

now here's the miraculous part - my great-aunt nola told us this story the next day at church - she had called our house for absolutely no reason, just feeling like maybe she should. if the phone rings long enough, it goes to the answering machine. but this time, it kept ringing and ringing and never went to the machine. my mom finally realized my grandma wasn't going to answer, so she went upstairs to see where she was. that's when she found her on the ground.

another odd thing is that my mom and i were supposed to go to vegas to take a little vacation and watch the marching band but at the last minute decided not to go. if we hadn't been there, it could have been MUCH worse. after my mom pointed these things out to me, i couldn't help but get goosebumps and wonder if maybe all of this happened for a reason. i don't know if it was a coincidence, but i have to thank the Lord for keeping my grandma safe. she's resting comfortably in the hospital now, please keep her in your prayers :)