I never realized how much I missed getting letters and emails from my dear missionaries until today. For Christmas, my grandma gave me an adorable box, for the purpose of storing letters. I finally pulled it out today, gathered up all my letters, and began reading. I've misplaced a few, which I'm pretty sad about. But the ones I did manage to find made me laugh and cry. I'm not the best at writing back, and that's most likely the reason I haven't recieved a letter or email in a few months. And I'm going to change that.

Somehow those letters provide inspiration, and comfort. One of the missionaries I've written I have never even met, he was my cousin's first mission companion, Elder Laimani Fa'amausili. But his letters were so funny, so in depth, so cheerful, that I can't help but think that I should track down his new mission address. I read a few letters from Elder Jeff Johnson, and those are the ones that made me cry. He is so sincere in his love for the work that he is doing. He also said some personal things that definitely made me think.

So I now have a new goal - by the end of the month, I hope to have written every single missionary a LETTER. Not an email, but LETTER. I think those are more personal ;)

Less than a year till three of those missionaries come home. September, October, and November can't come soon enough.