One day

Every once in a while a random though or memory will pop into my head. This particular memory was in about 10th grade, when Pretzel and I decided she would plan my wedding. I remember little about the actual wedding, but I do remember that she was incredibly insistent on having Kirby Heyborne sing. He's quite dashing in the Single's 2nd ward. (If you haven't seen it, watch it. There are so many Provo and/or Utah cliches that are guaranteed to make you laugh!)

So on the subject of weddings, I decided to research my future wedding gown. I came across the most beautiful website. They have such unique dresses, and compared to other modest wedding gown vendors, they are quite inexpensive. Then I came upon it. THE dress.

I WILL wear this dress on my wedding day. Or something similar to it.

I can't wait for the day when I am sitting across from the love of my life in the Celestial Room knowing we are about to be married for time & all eternity. Yet another reason why I am so grateful for the church... It gives me great comfort knowing that once this mortal life ends, I will still be with my eternal companion. Forever.

Have you ever tried to comprehend how long forever really is? It gives me a headache. I've decided to give up trying to understand and find out myself just how long it is :)



This is very funny. I was actually telling someone about this last night. We somehow started talking about weddings, and she asked what I wanted my colors to be. I told her that I was never really the type to plan my future wedding, but that I'd had a friend in 10th grade who planned, or tried to plan, the weddings of all our friends....I still remember that mine will be in a barn...:)