This one is dedicated to Darren Rey Faber. :)

I don't write much on here... mostly because I feel I have nothing of importance to say or write about. And I wish I knew how to change that. Some days I feel like I am doing NOTHING with my life, and it kills me. I don't know how to make things different. Finding a job is hard, school costs money, and love takes time. At least I'm making progress with one of those ;)

These last few months, I've realized that life is harder than I ever could have imagined. I lost my beautiful Bailey Sue two weeks ago. I miss coming home, and hearing her collar jingle when I walked through the door. My house is so empty without her. I've never had to deal with a loss quite like that and I never want to have to go through it again, although I know loss is inevitable.

But on the opposite end of the spectrum, I've found somebody that makes me feel as beautiful as ever. Who knows where it'll go, but for the moment,

I'm content.



My Megan -

Oh how I love you! Thank you so much for writing on here for me. I really do appreciate it.

As for feeling like you don't really have direction in life, I know how you feel, and I think I know how to help.

I'm sure if you look back on all the time you've known me, you'll notice that I didn't really do much, either. Yes, I was always busy DOING stuff, but I wasn't really doing anything with it.

Then I left for Canada. And now everything is changing. Slowly.

I know you don't like being preached to, so I won't do that. I'll just simply remind you that you have a Father who loves you. He knows who you are, and with his help you can do amazing things.

Trust Him. I am, and it's making all the difference.

Canada is going great! The weather is finally warming up. I serve in a small town of about 3000 people (in the whole county) and yet we find people to teach and baptize. I've seen miracles. I've performed miracles. And I've had heartache and sorrow and also inexpressible joy.

And I'm writing you a letter today to tell you all about it!

I love you.
Darren Rey Faber.


It's been awhile! Just staying hi.

Love you bunches.