the best first two dates

i've ever had! i recently met a guy named chris strebel and he asked me out on a date. he ended up being an hour late since apparently i give horrible directions! we had planned to go to a movie night up at the U, but were way too late to go to it, so we decided to take a drive up to park city. about two miles up the canyon, we blew a tire and had to pull into bridal veil falls to change it. it was dark by then, so park city was a no go! we ended up getting wendy's and having a picnic in front of the provo temple. apparently it went well because he asked me on a second date the next day!

the next day, he picked me up around three. we went to his house in sandy for a bit to pick up some stuff, and ended up looking at his artwork (he's an AMAZING artist) and talking to his dad for about an hour. afterwards we ran to his school (the art institute of SLC) to scan in something. he showed me all of his work on the computer, which again, is amazing!! we then headed up to park city for the night. we walked around, laughed a ton, and made fun of a lot of things in antique shops. after about 2 hours, we went to dinner at the olive garden back in SLC and ended up going to temple square. it was empty, so we found a bench and talked for an hour and a half. he then showed me gravity hill (weirdest thing ever!) and we wandered the salt lake cemetary trying to find president hinckley's grave. after no luck, we headed back to the car but discovered we had no idea where we were parked. we looked for a half hour before we found it. theeeen we finally headed home. such an exhausting day, but i had the best time!

so here's some advice. if you want a fun date, wing it! have ideas, but don't plan! you never know whats gonna happen :)