so life has been boring these last few days... such is life. nothing too exciting has happened. brennley and shayla came over on tuesday, and brenn has discovered the kitchen. if i set her down for one second, she'll crawl to the kitchen to try and get some of bailey's dog food. she's so cute! :)

last night i went to an old friends house for a party to watch a new episode of "the office". i'm five seasons late, but i'm now addicted. michael and dwight's stupidity just makes me giggle! afterwards we played balderdash which is a hilarious game, and catch phrase!

halfway through the party i recieved some joyous news - the cougs LOST to TCU! (gasp) i was just as surprised as anyone, but it definitely made my night! now lets just hope utah can step it up and take TCU down! i'm excited because chris and i got tickets to the game! we're going to be sitting with the MUSS, and even more exciting - it's going to be a blackout! i've seen them before and they are awesome! so i'm excited to participate!

also, elder david gage has been having a wonderful time on his mission, even if he is still in the mtc! :) if any of you know him and read this and want to know what's going on, click HERE for the Gage Family blog!


so after my frazzled brain couldn't remember where i had put my jacket last winter, i was forced to realize it was gone forever. so this last week, i got two new GORGEOUS coats! the first is a knee length black, wool coat that i'll be able to wear for years!

the other is a ski/snowboarding jacket.

i'm just greatful my mother has an eye for good sales ;)




Please remember that I had that jacket first. :) Who were you watching the office with? And, remember, with TCU, it's like kicking a person while they're down. I've never been more disappointed about sports. Ever.

meg :)

i was at doug's house, he had an office party. it was fun. and i know you had it first, i just had to copy ;)