what an eventful week!

so many things have happened since my last post!

first of all, my cousin david (who happens to be one of my best friends) left for the provo mtc this morning! i was able to see the pictures his family took and i got to see his name tag - i couldn't read it for the life of me! good thing i don't have to learn samoan!

also, this past weekend was general conference and i had the opportunity to go to the sunday afternoon session. i'd never been, so i was incredibly excited! the talks were amazing, i especially enjoyed elder russell m. nelson's talk. i found it funny he compared marriage to shopping ;) here are some pictures from sunday!

this is our group in the conference center - asia, jess, me, taylor and brianna.

i was so happy to have gotten a picture of the seventy and most of the twelve. i wasn't able to get a picture of the first presidency because you weren't allowed to take pictures once they came in.

twenty one THOUSAND people were in this building - it was absolutely beautiful!


today shayla and brennley came over for piano lessons! i love it when they come because i get to watch brenn during the lesson. today we went out and played in the grass and i got some adorable shots of her!

she's slowly being more vocal, and today she kept trying to say "bailey", which is our dogs name. she loves to use the sign for "dog" while whispering "bay" which is her way of saying bailey.




I loved the pictures you took of Brennley! Great job! I saved them to my computer. Thanks so much for taking care of her on Tuesdays for me. You are awesome!